Monday, July 31, 2006

going, going gone

one of my favorite things...

to look at. Do you have things you look at for inspiration? Do you have a spot where all your inspiring things hang. How often do you change it?

ATC made and given to me by Laurie. Thank you for the inspiration friend.

Friday, July 28, 2006


My work in progress on Friday was laundry. No photo necessary, you all have a ton of it at your house too I'm sure. Not very exciting but very much real life.

Take a good look

This may be one of the last times you see this grin fully loaded for a while. Somebody's got a loose tooth or two. By the way, how much is the tooth fairy shelling out these days? Anyone?

The Circle

It is a wonderful pattern we get into with blogging. Meeting people by comments on your blog or by commenting on anothers blog. Finding that common thread. I was lucky enough to come across a blog full of Goodness. Ky and I started a conversation that turned into a coincidence that because a swap. Above is just an inkling of what I received in my swap with Ky. Oh the possibilities. This girl is soooo talented and needs to open her etsy shop pronto.

Above is the result of another comment, chat, trade. Angela of Norththreads was looking to trade a super cool bingo card (see them in the top of the pic?) The picture is horrible but one of the cards is turquoise and red, two of my favorite colors. So not only did she send two bingo cards but a ton of other wonderful stuff. Pictured above are some of my favorites. Angela made some cool books with some of stuff I sent her. Check them out in her shop here. I really want one.

I also was lucky enough to be counted as one of Maryann's secret swappers. She has been cleaning out the house and I was the recipient of one amazing envelope full of trim. Sorry there is no picture but I could not contain myself. I opened every bag and dumped the trim right out onto the floor. Not a very pretty picture except for the huge grin on my face as I thought, Now what will I use these for :)

Thank you ladies, you spoil me. The circle continues...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Project Dog Outfit

Wow what an episode! I don't even know where to start. The challenge: come up with a story of a dog owner and her pup. Design a woman's wear outfit around that story for the woman and her greatest accessory.

There were so many great dresses last night. I had trouble picking which one was my favorite. Uli, Jeffrey, Kayne, Michael and of course Keith all made amazing creations. Ultimately I think my favorite was Keith's but I think he has such a bad attitude that I didn't even want him to win. The construction on that dress was amazing but his poor little dog got nada!

I am completely frustrated that Angela yet again didn't get her walking papers. Last week she was rewarded for not being a team player and having nothing to do with the construction of the dress she represented. This week she gets rewarded for sending a streetwalker down the catwalk. Although Katherine's dress was simple, it was very pretty. She definitely had the best dog outfit. Argh!

A few other random runway thoughts:

*Although I can appreciate Laura's design, aren't her outfits all starting to look the same? I think she needs to stop making stuff she wants to wear. Did you know she was pregnant with her SIXTH child while filming this????

*Vincent cracks himself up

*I hated Bradley's outfit but didn't want to see him go home on his birthday

*This season has some of the best designers yet. It will be a battle till the end
Keep an eye on the under the radar Jeffrey and Michael. They both have shown beautiful work that has yet to be recognized.

Can't WAIT till next week when someone gets kicked off.

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is the picture...

the friends decided to take after meeting each other in *real life*. We met, talked, smiled, laughed, tried to eat and it's a shame because that food was really good. We just couldn't fit it in with all the talking, laughing and smiling we were so busy doing. Then it was so very late and one friend had to fly out very early the next morning. Then it was time to say goodbye and we were sad to have to say it. We liked each other just as much as we knew we would and even more now. Why can't we live closer? So this is the picture we decided to take, on the spur of the moment to document our meeting. Two very tired girls, late at night. One had worked so hard for 10 days straight and the other just doesn't stay up much past 10pm anymore.

Reflecting on all of the above, I am smiling but thinking of so many things we did not get a chance to talk about. Next time :) I'm so glad I met you Kristin. You are an amazing person and I am so lucky to call you my friend.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

actually sad to see him go

Project Runway update -Don't read any further if you have Tivoed the show (Tivoed new verb)

So the challenge this week was interesting, An evening gown for the Miss Universe contest.
I did think that Kayne's dress was pretty in a glitzy kind of way. It definitely was a fit for the pagent. I thought Uli's dress was unique and modern but felt Ms. USA would have been lost in all that material.

Ok so Malan was very creepy but I must say after hearing some of the things he had to say about his past were absolutely heartbreaking. eg: he showed his mom his sketches at a very young age, her telling him that they would never get him anywhere and never to do that again. That is just plain sad and basically child abuse in my opinion. The crying after he was kicked off and him saying he never really had many friends. Then him getting ready to leave and saying he felt like a failure. In the end, I was actually was routing for him to stay.
I thought the concept of his dress was good it just didn't translate well at all. I think that Angela should have gone home because of her attitude and inability to work with her partner. Although Malan's design was bad, he did work well with his partner.

Can't wait to see the drama next week. Please forgive any bad grammer or run-on sentences, I really should be sleeping.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WIP and WIP finally complete (a little early)

Above is my new work in progress. All the makings for a skirt. I am really into red, white and blue lately. I wear a skirt almost everyday to work, so I thought why not try to make one. Does it matter that I have NEVER sewn any type of clothing on my sewing maching? The lady at the fabric store didn't seem to think so. She even got me the zipper foot and the zipper because I didn't realize I need them. Hmmm...I am really in trouble aren't I :) Wish me luck!

Then below is my completed work in progress. I am finally done with the invitations for my best friend's baby girl's 1st birthday. They are almost as cute as little Lola herself.

Sorry for the early WIP post I am going out of town for a few days.

A good ending..

to a really fun swap. The above pic is what I received in my three thing swap from my friend Laurie. I met Laurie at the Art and Soul retreat last February. The premise of the swap was to send each other three things and make something with them, then send that newly made item back. Confused yet?? Well, I got my three things artwork today and oh my gosh. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw it. I sent her the green and pink flowered fabric, the ballerina image and some of the beads. I am absolutely thrilled to be the owner of this beautiful book.
Oh and not to mention the other things she sent along with it. Tons of beautiful fabrics, buttons, bits and bobs. ALL COLOR COORDINATED! I tell you she's a girl after my own heart. I am so spoiled, thank you so much Laurie. I look forward to our next project.

Spoiled by a talented friend. Don't these look like so much fun? Playtime!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

106 degrees

a cute little boy just trying to stay cool

Friday, July 14, 2006


Not a very good picture...still working on the parts and pieces of these invites. Next up are baby announcements for a friend.

I had a few comments on the japanese craft books I got, here are answers to some of your questions.

Lera- I got one book from amazon japan and three from yesasia. Yesasia doesn't charge for shipping but it takes longer to get the books. They also were out of one of the books I ordered.

Jackie - The books I bought are Machine Made Patchworks, Machine Made Patchworks 02. Tradition, Textile Machine a Coudre (the red one with the bag with circles on it) and another one which I can't find anywhere in my house, which is very strange because I am ANAL about my crafty reading material. Anyway I think it has some to do with Machine patchwork with scraps. You would probably recognize all of these by their covers because they have been all over bloggyland.

until tomorrow

Thursday, July 13, 2006

5 things (without a picture)

5 things I am excited about:

#1 The new season of Project Runway started tonight. If you haven't ever watched this show, now is the time to start. You don't have to love or have an understanding of fashion to enjoy this show. You just have to love the creative process. I often feel so inspired after watching an episode that I go straight into the studio. The challenges they give these designers are so crazy. I am amazed at the innovation and pieces they come up with. Oh and also there is a minimal reality cheese factor. On Bravo Wednesdays 10pm. (another project runway fan here)

#2 If you don't already know there is a vintage button swap going on here. I just love vintage buttons and if you read this post you'll know someone else who does. By the way, I just love the shim+son blog. I mean it doesn't get much more inspiring than that. I am always so excited to see if there is a new post up (I know there are other ways to find this out but I like the element of surprise) In an email I practically begged her to open an etsy shop. She promised me she is working on selling her wares and I can't wait. (sitting at my computer waiting) Of course you do remember this story.

#3 I am going to meet this friend, in person. Kristin and I became friends through swapping and blogging. If you have been around here long enough you definitely know her name, we have become fast friends. She is going to be in my neck of the woods tomorrow and I just can't wait to "meet" her.

#4 Hubby is coming home from Portland tonight. After reading this post I was sad, but now I am even more sad. Just got word that even after talking it up and putting a business card in his wallet he wasn't able to make it to Ella Posie before closing time to get me a little something {sniff}

#5 After all the help from the comments my peeps left here I was able to order some Japanese craft books. They have all arrived and I am inspired. I know they will definitely influence the way I work. Unfortunately, I am still afraid of my sewing machine so I will have to experiment.

and that is all I have to say tonight.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a little on the serious side

my angel's graduation june 2006

After reading this post yesterday I am having a hard time forgetting about it. I am so touched by the honesty and so honored that Amy would be so brave and share it all with us. Today I am reminded that life is not fair, but that I need to count my blessings, kiss my kids & hubby and encourage those who need it most. Be well Hans, be well.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

trade anyone?

I have been busy cleaning my studio. (again? still?) I have 3 magazines to trade if anyone is interested. The newest edition of Giant Robot featuring an article on ugly dolls, Home Companion February/March 2002 featuring Cath Kidson and Sarah Lugg, Home Companion April/May 2004 featuring spring bouquets and bathroom redos. If you are interested in trading for any or all of these leave a comment.

the home companions have been spoken for. anyone interested in a giant robot??

Friday, July 07, 2006


My friday work in progress is invitations for a one year old's birthday party. fun fun.

it's a little quiet out there in bloggyland have you noticed? Lots of people taking blog breaks and just plain busy with all that summer brings, vacations, kids off school, warm weather etc.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

shop update

I put some of this stationery in the shop today. Everyone really seems to like it so I thought I would give it a shot. The chocolate cards have a vintage wallpaper intial, then the envelopes are made out of the same wallpaper and lined with vintage sheet music. I will personalize it with the initial of your choice.

I also added two more pieces of art. One that I showed here but now it has been mounted on wood. I think it really adds to the piece. The other is a companion piece also mounted on wood.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happy 4th of july

Monday, July 03, 2006

as promised

Just wanted to show off my atc's from the fairy tale and fable swap. I love them all. From left to right: Paper Bag Princess (with a tiny paper bag) by Dawn, Cinderella by Anastasia, and The Frog Prince. On my frog prince card there was no email address and she also sent me a cool envelope, a book plate and a piece of gum. If this look familiar to anyone in bloggyland please email an address so I can thank you properly :)

I also got the cool art envelope from out hostess with the mostess, Amy. Thanks for hosting!

These last few days have been busy working on the house so not so much crafting going on here. I am reorganing my studio with the boxes I purchase from Ikea. I have just a few things left to put away and yet again no where to put them. Back to work for me. I want to do some creating and I need a clean work space to do that. I need to have a garage sale.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

WIP (saturday?)

Oops, here is my work in progress for Friday on Saturday. This was absolutely inspired by this post by Alicia. Her color combos are always so right on! I'm not a very big fan of gray but her post looked so lovely, I just had to try out the colors myself. This canvas doesn't look like much now, but it will end up being one of the backgrounds of my collage. I'm thinking flowers. It definitely has the possibility to be really girlie.

Lucky scrap winners: The scraps have been divvied up, packed in their A7 envelopes and addressed. I just have to get up the courage to go to the post office. It's not the actual post office that is so bad, it's that for some reason my children turn into wild banshees when we step inside. What is it about that place?

I also received my ATC's from Amy's swap. They are so great! I love them all and I was lucky enough to receive Amy's art envelope. Oh so very cute. I will post them tomorrow.