Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas cute everywhere

After being totally obsessed with these. (I have made 6) I realized it was high time for me to start thinking about Christmas cards. Unfortunately with this head cold my mind is blank. No.ideas.at.all. Except that they will have a cute pic of my kids somewhere in it or on it. Yet I haven't even made an attempt to do what Sally is doing. So I have been hanging out in denial, looking at all the cute things you have been making. Have you seen these? Pure distraction! I must try some. Even a little bird's little bird is getting into the act. I am five times her age and don't think I have ever made anything this cute. All I can say is when is the etsy shop opening Mia? I'm ready to buy.

Keep up the good work ladies. I may just have to send out New Years cards this year.

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