Monday, December 04, 2006

me too

So have you tried one yet? I was inspired by this. Tried to make one like this, only to find I did not have enough red buttons :( So I used what I had on hand. Pretty huh? Haven't figured out what ribbon to use yet though. Read: anal girl wants to buy exact ribbon for these, when she has a whole basket full already.

This craft project was a little tough for me. I am a complete hoarder and I always save my cool buttons for that "perfect project". So to use this many at a time, on one project was a good exercise for me. Besides I just won three amazing buttons lots on ebay last night, ahem. Oh it was a good exercise but now I have to replenish my supply don't I? Oh and of course get some red ones to finish my wreath. Yeah, I know it sounds fishy to me too.

More wreaths here, here, and here. One more here, thanks Maryann. Please let me know if you see any others cuz I wanna see too.

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