Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Project Dog Outfit

Wow what an episode! I don't even know where to start. The challenge: come up with a story of a dog owner and her pup. Design a woman's wear outfit around that story for the woman and her greatest accessory.

There were so many great dresses last night. I had trouble picking which one was my favorite. Uli, Jeffrey, Kayne, Michael and of course Keith all made amazing creations. Ultimately I think my favorite was Keith's but I think he has such a bad attitude that I didn't even want him to win. The construction on that dress was amazing but his poor little dog got nada!

I am completely frustrated that Angela yet again didn't get her walking papers. Last week she was rewarded for not being a team player and having nothing to do with the construction of the dress she represented. This week she gets rewarded for sending a streetwalker down the catwalk. Although Katherine's dress was simple, it was very pretty. She definitely had the best dog outfit. Argh!

A few other random runway thoughts:

*Although I can appreciate Laura's design, aren't her outfits all starting to look the same? I think she needs to stop making stuff she wants to wear. Did you know she was pregnant with her SIXTH child while filming this????

*Vincent cracks himself up

*I hated Bradley's outfit but didn't want to see him go home on his birthday

*This season has some of the best designers yet. It will be a battle till the end
Keep an eye on the under the radar Jeffrey and Michael. They both have shown beautiful work that has yet to be recognized.

Can't WAIT till next week when someone gets kicked off.

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