Friday, July 28, 2006

The Circle

It is a wonderful pattern we get into with blogging. Meeting people by comments on your blog or by commenting on anothers blog. Finding that common thread. I was lucky enough to come across a blog full of Goodness. Ky and I started a conversation that turned into a coincidence that because a swap. Above is just an inkling of what I received in my swap with Ky. Oh the possibilities. This girl is soooo talented and needs to open her etsy shop pronto.

Above is the result of another comment, chat, trade. Angela of Norththreads was looking to trade a super cool bingo card (see them in the top of the pic?) The picture is horrible but one of the cards is turquoise and red, two of my favorite colors. So not only did she send two bingo cards but a ton of other wonderful stuff. Pictured above are some of my favorites. Angela made some cool books with some of stuff I sent her. Check them out in her shop here. I really want one.

I also was lucky enough to be counted as one of Maryann's secret swappers. She has been cleaning out the house and I was the recipient of one amazing envelope full of trim. Sorry there is no picture but I could not contain myself. I opened every bag and dumped the trim right out onto the floor. Not a very pretty picture except for the huge grin on my face as I thought, Now what will I use these for :)

Thank you ladies, you spoil me. The circle continues...

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