Wednesday, March 29, 2006

on sunday morning...

I saw this. When it starts to get warmer here, on Sundays you often wake up to a strange noise. It is almost as if a fire-breathing dragon is right outside your window. Last Sunday I had almost forgotten what that noise was, then it hit me. The balloons are back. We live in an area that still has lots of open space so I guess the balloons end up here so they can land safely. Meanwhile, we get a great view of an air balloon literally in our own backyard.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

babysitting george

Meet George, he is my daughter's favorite stuff animal (right now) Weather permitting, the troops left for Las Vegas last night and the mommy was really sad (tears) My sweet daughter had told me a week or so ago that George could stay with me while she was gone to Las Vegas. As it got closer to her departure she told me she didn't know if she could leave him. I knew exactly how she felt. I told her I understood and she didn't have to leave him if it was too hard for her. Well, time came for them to leave and little O saw how very sad her mommy was. She gave Georgie two sets of hugs and kisses then handed him over to mommy. She liked that I put him in my jacket and zipped it up with just his head sticking out when I waved goodbye.

I am taking my job very seriously. George slept with me, cuddled close last night. Somehow it was easier to fall asleep with him there. He endured 6 hours of traffic to go visit my sister @ her gig ala the Knitting Factory (more on this later). Now he is patiently waiting, paint brush in hand for me to get off the computer and start the work I need to do.

Goodnight sweet daughter of mine. Thanks for helping mommy not be quite so lonely :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

new necklace

So this was my Valentine's day present from my hubby. I ordered it from here.
The first one I ordered had a smudge in the glass on the inside so I had to send it back for a replacement. I just got my new one yesterday. All of the stuff inside moves around, like a shaker box. I love it

Today is my "Friday". I have a big weekend ahead of me. I have about 752 projects that I need to finish. Maybe not that many but I do have a long to do list. All of it very fun stuff. I am hoping to post some new artwork next week.

For anyone that is going to be in Los Angeles this weekend come and check out my sister's stuff at Fashion Circus on Saturday. It's being held at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. I'll be there bright and early to support my sis.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

air mail

air mail collage *copyright 2005

I love getting mail. Who doesn't? Yesterday I received a package from my Minneapolis friend. Three things to create with, such fun. Can't wait to start that project. Happy first day of spring everyone.

Friday, March 17, 2006

that's really weird

blogspot would only publish half of what i wrote in my composed window of my blog. very strange! here was the first half:

I am wearing a green shirt today. Are you wearing something green? My mood is a little melancholy this afternoon, maybe because it looks as if another storm is rolling in. We'll probably be trapped inside all day tomorrow. Or maybe it is because I didn't really get anything done today. The kids had fun at their St. Patricks day party at school. It was a joy to walk in and see every single kid in some shade of green I tell you. Of course I need to mention the green food display at lunch. Our contribution was green jello. I opted for a mystery meat sandwich (not green) and some potato chips. They had fun and that is what matters.

happy st. patty's day

page from my altered luck book

We will probably brave the elements, although not like this, and head out to Michaels or Joann's today. I read on a blog today about joining in a movement to use only what you have in the month of April. To not go buy anything arty or crafty for one whole month. I want to join, I really do but I think it may be impossible. I do have sooo much stuff, I really should. If you want to sign up click here.

We are off for a craft store and possible thrift store adventure. Hey it doesn't start until April :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

For work...

Five Generations

Here is the commission I have been working on. I finished it yesterday while I was suppose to be at work. Nora absolutely loved it. She cried as she looked at it. I always hate when my artwork has that affect on people, but because I often use personal photos for commissions it is sometimes inevitable. I'm just glad she likes it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

For the swap of it

For my picnic in the park swap I am suppose to answer the following questions on my blog.
So here goes...

Your style: I LOVE the store Anthropologie

What's your kind of bag: I like funky, different kind of bags. Handmade, silkscreened, colorful. For size I would go bigger rather than smaller, I do have two kids.

Your ideal summer: Would be spent in a beach house with my family kicking back

Sherbet (made with water) or ice cream (made with cream)? Definitely ice cream made with cream

Water or fizzy drinks? Water for health reasons but a Lava flow in Maui isn't bad either :)

C'mon get happy

The sun is finally out. At least this morning it was and that was enough for me. A shout out to all you people who deal with "winter" on a much more intense level than me here in southern Cal. I could never do it. I know I am a wimp. I get depressed when I don't see the sun for days and weeks.

Other areas of sunshine in my life are:

new art friends: found via the internet. It is so wonderful how blogs and yahoo groups can bring like minds together. So far today I have gotten emails from Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Westland, Michigan. How cool is that? People that I would have never met (probably) if there was no such thing as the internet. Thanks Al Gore (just kidding)

swap crazy: I have signed up for a gazillion (lot o') swaps. It is the curiosity of what the other person dares to send. Plus getting mail completely kicks ass!

a package on the way: from an art friend that I am doing a round robin with. I can't wait to see what she creates with the goodies I sent her.

less stressful week @ work: bad for $$ good for stress level.

Have a sun shiney day!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

home sweet home

Fun flocked paper from India Ink
Well, it looks like the troops WON'T be heading out to Vegas after all. With the weather being as bad as it is, there may be road closures. Not to mention driving in pouring rain is not safe or very much fun.

I'm glad that my crew will be safe at home, but just slightly disappointed that I won't have any art time. I had begun to make plans about projects. I have that comission I need to work on and an art trade coming up with a super talented girl I met at Art and Soul. Her name is Laurie and her art just blows me away. She is also a working mom with three kids. So needless to say we really hit it off. I really can't wait to get started. We are sending each other three things to use in our art piece, when we have completed the piece we will send the art back to the other person.

I also joined this great paper and ribbon swap. I came across this great blog of a mom who loves paper. Her blog is hysterically funny. My favorite post so far is called how to multi-task. She shares her tips on how to entertain a toddler, clean the house and find time to do art. Can I relate or what? Anyway, I am so excited. I just got my swap partner yesterday and I am so anxious to start organizing her stash.

We also took a field trip down to San Diego, Little Italy area, to go to the art store (Dick Blick). I want to try to work on bigger pieces and they were having a canvas sale. I managed to buy only one canvas on sale the rest were full price. We also hit a fun store called India Ink. I found some cool papers and a few cool greeting cards for inspiration.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Phew, glad that's over

This has been one of the busiest weeks I have had at work in a long time. One of those can't catch your breath, migraine headache weeks. Now it is 1:30pm on the first of my two days off. I am still in my pjs and so are both my kids. It is raining outside and the only place we have to go today is the post office. I am participating in a card swap at (Thanks sis on the tip for this website) I have to get my cards out TODAY! I also signed up for a couple of other swaps on a few other websites, who knew swapping could be so much fun.

My kids are going with their dad (my hubby) this weekend to visit their grandparents in Vegas. I hate when my kiddos are gone. Yes, it will be nice to sleep through the night uninterupted, and I may have some free time to do artwork but I still hate to be apart from my little ones. I'll probably be blogging more at least.

Happy Friday.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shop till you drop

Yay! We went shopping today. The first place we went is of my favorite stores in the world. It is call SoLo and it is in Solana Beach. We also hit Antique warehouse in San Marcos. Fun was had by all, well not really C because he hates to shop. I found so many inspiring things. Cards, sparkly letter things, fun papers, ephemera and some old paper dolls. I need to get back to creating. I have been very uninspired while the kids were sick but there is no excuse now.

Funny mom thing... while we at the antique store O was bugging me to get a snack. Of course they have a wire rack with a bunch o' junk at the check out. I told O no but she kept messing with the rack, of course then the whole thing started to tip over. I caught it before too much damage ensued but...reason #1 to leave your children @ home while antique shopping.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Inspiration Found

So now that I have resolved to forgive myself for not writing everyday...I feel free.
mommy news:
Today we are housebound, it's a very crappy day outside. We danced this morning to the Curious George soundtrack, that has been the highlight so far. Tried to take a pic of the kids with doughnut dust on their mouth and nose but the damn camera batteries were dead.

artist news: I just got the new Somerset Studio mag, also purchased Legacy, Somerset Wedding 2, and ARTitude all of which hold an amazing amount of inspiration. Of course I read them ALL in one day. I am such a magazine whore :).
I have to find some time to work on a comission. A woman whose family is 5 generations born in California. I will post when done. Hopefully sometime next week.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's this everyday thing...

In the majority of blogs I read the blogger writes every day. I wonder exactly how they do it. With working full time and 2 kids, not to mention a cute husband, I just am not able to do it. Maybe it has been the month of February. We have had, collectively, a 5 day art trip to Pebble Beach, an ear infection, a fractured finger, the stomach flu and an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. All of which demanded five trips to the doctor. Four within one week.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Nina Bagley, an amazing jewelry designer and artist doesn't write everyday. Leslie Riley, another amazing artist doesn't write everyday either. Even my own sis skips a day or two now and then. I think I'll write when I can and forgive myself for not being perfect.