Thursday, July 20, 2006

actually sad to see him go

Project Runway update -Don't read any further if you have Tivoed the show (Tivoed new verb)

So the challenge this week was interesting, An evening gown for the Miss Universe contest.
I did think that Kayne's dress was pretty in a glitzy kind of way. It definitely was a fit for the pagent. I thought Uli's dress was unique and modern but felt Ms. USA would have been lost in all that material.

Ok so Malan was very creepy but I must say after hearing some of the things he had to say about his past were absolutely heartbreaking. eg: he showed his mom his sketches at a very young age, her telling him that they would never get him anywhere and never to do that again. That is just plain sad and basically child abuse in my opinion. The crying after he was kicked off and him saying he never really had many friends. Then him getting ready to leave and saying he felt like a failure. In the end, I was actually was routing for him to stay.
I thought the concept of his dress was good it just didn't translate well at all. I think that Angela should have gone home because of her attitude and inability to work with her partner. Although Malan's design was bad, he did work well with his partner.

Can't wait to see the drama next week. Please forgive any bad grammer or run-on sentences, I really should be sleeping.

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