Saturday, March 25, 2006

babysitting george

Meet George, he is my daughter's favorite stuff animal (right now) Weather permitting, the troops left for Las Vegas last night and the mommy was really sad (tears) My sweet daughter had told me a week or so ago that George could stay with me while she was gone to Las Vegas. As it got closer to her departure she told me she didn't know if she could leave him. I knew exactly how she felt. I told her I understood and she didn't have to leave him if it was too hard for her. Well, time came for them to leave and little O saw how very sad her mommy was. She gave Georgie two sets of hugs and kisses then handed him over to mommy. She liked that I put him in my jacket and zipped it up with just his head sticking out when I waved goodbye.

I am taking my job very seriously. George slept with me, cuddled close last night. Somehow it was easier to fall asleep with him there. He endured 6 hours of traffic to go visit my sister @ her gig ala the Knitting Factory (more on this later). Now he is patiently waiting, paint brush in hand for me to get off the computer and start the work I need to do.

Goodnight sweet daughter of mine. Thanks for helping mommy not be quite so lonely :)

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