Saturday, March 11, 2006

home sweet home

Fun flocked paper from India Ink
Well, it looks like the troops WON'T be heading out to Vegas after all. With the weather being as bad as it is, there may be road closures. Not to mention driving in pouring rain is not safe or very much fun.

I'm glad that my crew will be safe at home, but just slightly disappointed that I won't have any art time. I had begun to make plans about projects. I have that comission I need to work on and an art trade coming up with a super talented girl I met at Art and Soul. Her name is Laurie and her art just blows me away. She is also a working mom with three kids. So needless to say we really hit it off. I really can't wait to get started. We are sending each other three things to use in our art piece, when we have completed the piece we will send the art back to the other person.

I also joined this great paper and ribbon swap. I came across this great blog of a mom who loves paper. Her blog is hysterically funny. My favorite post so far is called how to multi-task. She shares her tips on how to entertain a toddler, clean the house and find time to do art. Can I relate or what? Anyway, I am so excited. I just got my swap partner yesterday and I am so anxious to start organizing her stash.

We also took a field trip down to San Diego, Little Italy area, to go to the art store (Dick Blick). I want to try to work on bigger pieces and they were having a canvas sale. I managed to buy only one canvas on sale the rest were full price. We also hit a fun store called India Ink. I found some cool papers and a few cool greeting cards for inspiration.

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