Tuesday, March 14, 2006

C'mon get happy

The sun is finally out. At least this morning it was and that was enough for me. A shout out to all you people who deal with "winter" on a much more intense level than me here in southern Cal. I could never do it. I know I am a wimp. I get depressed when I don't see the sun for days and weeks.

Other areas of sunshine in my life are:

new art friends: found via the internet. It is so wonderful how blogs and yahoo groups can bring like minds together. So far today I have gotten emails from Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Westland, Michigan. How cool is that? People that I would have never met (probably) if there was no such thing as the internet. Thanks Al Gore (just kidding)

swap crazy: I have signed up for a gazillion (lot o') swaps. It is the curiosity of what the other person dares to send. Plus getting mail completely kicks ass!

a package on the way: from an art friend that I am doing a round robin with. I can't wait to see what she creates with the goodies I sent her.

less stressful week @ work: bad for $$ good for stress level.

Have a sun shiney day!

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