Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shop till you drop

Yay! We went shopping today. The first place we went is of my favorite stores in the world. It is call SoLo and it is in Solana Beach. We also hit Antique warehouse in San Marcos. Fun was had by all, well not really C because he hates to shop. I found so many inspiring things. Cards, sparkly letter things, fun papers, ephemera and some old paper dolls. I need to get back to creating. I have been very uninspired while the kids were sick but there is no excuse now.

Funny mom thing... while we at the antique store O was bugging me to get a snack. Of course they have a wire rack with a bunch o' junk at the check out. I told O no but she kept messing with the rack, of course then the whole thing started to tip over. I caught it before too much damage ensued but...reason #1 to leave your children @ home while antique shopping.

Happy Saturday!

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