Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank you for your patience.

a portland collage of sorts

Please store your tray tables and put your seat in the upright position. We will be arriving in Portland momentarily.

Hi all, I am back. Posting later in the week than I thought, my schedule has been packed since the minute I returned. I do have so much to tell you all.

First a confession, I didn't take many photos. I know, I know but rainy weather and hands FILLED with bags is not conducive to picture taking. Please forgive me. Portland was absolutely beautiful. Fall was in full swing. The colors of the trees, absolutely breathtaking. It was raining the whole time we were there but we didn't let that stop us.

Us? Yes, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with Kristin. Thank you my dear friend for taking time out to come on this adventure with me. Good times, great talks, where should we go next? :)

So after getting there the first thing on the agenda was Studio Craft. By now I am sure you have heard all over the blogging universe how much fun this was. I concur it was. Not only was the room filled with beautifully handmade things, but it was filled with beautiful people. That for me was better than the shopping (did I really just say that?) It was the connection of meeting people I have been only been able to talk to via computer or admired from afar up until now. Blair, Melissa and Sally are even more wonderful in "real life". Funny, kind and so very genuine. I was excited to introduce myself to Alicia and Stephanie both of who's work I really admire. I also got to meet Lisa, I loved her energy, she radiates. Then I got to meet Sumi who unfortunately does not have a blog but is uber-talented and just an all around sweet person. Most of the stuff I bought from Studio Craft is going to be given away as gift so I can't show much.

From Studio Craft we were given directions to Mississippi Avenue by the lovely Melissa. Great shopping but the weather was blustery and COLD. We managed to hit all the stores and found some great stuff at a place called Flutter. Pizza for lunch then back to the hotel. Out again to see Running With Scissors (wow, yikes, ummm disturbing) and then to a great dinner.

The next day we stayed in our pjs till noon. Ahh bliss!! A phone call from Sally got us going to Alberta Street to shop and see an installation of Amy Ruppel's art at a place called Office. We had a wonderful breakfast and met up with Sally and Sumi. We had some girlie chat at a cafe then set off to hit Grasshopper, Bolt, a knitting shop (what was the name of that place again?) and Office. Well I am sad to say we only got to go to Grasshopper. Who knew the shops closed at 4pm on Sunday :( Oh well we survived, not knowing that our greatest shopping adventure was still to come. Back to the hotel and then out again to see Marie Antoinette. (A complete visual treat, great music too)

On the last day (already?) we made our way over to the Monticello Antique Mall. Jackpot! Thank god we did not stop anywhere else because we needed every minute left of our Portland trip to explore this place. I have been to plenty of antique malls in my time but let me tell you...The Best EVER! Seriously! The booty we scored unparalleled.

On a plane, back home to real life. Hmm...Portland, what a great town.

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