Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back on the Runway

Sorry for not posting on the last two shows. ( final four and reunion) The final four show you pretty much knew that all four were going to fashion week by the previews and for the most part all the designs were very average. The reunion was pretty unexciting. We learned one thing, that Keith was far more delusional and bitter than we thought.

Last night's show was actually pretty good. It was fun to see the collections coming along. I have to say I thought Jeffrey's designs were the most exciting. Laura and Ulle's were very "them". What happened to poor Michael? Oh my god, that white shirt with the sequin pockets. I think I saw a 70 year old lady wearing that in a Las Vegas casino last year. I hope they just focused on that piece and we will be surprised by all his other pieces. I hope!

So of course more drama...did Jeffrey outsource his work? Once again the previews would have you believe he gets kicked off. They maybe shouldn't give away so much, it makes the show kind of a let down.

So what did you guys think?

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