Tuesday, October 10, 2006

portable or not

This is a VERY clean version of what my table looks like when I am creating a collage. I must say I had a tinge of regret and maybe a little bit of envy when I read this beautiful post. I love the idea that Amanda's knitting is always with her, ready when she is ready. Unfortunately for me I fell in love with something that is so far from portable it waivers on the ridiculous. When I went to an art retreat earlier this year it took me hours longer to pack my supplies and stash than it did my clothes.
I love my collage stuff.
I love how I feel when I am making a collage.
I love how I feel when I realize it is complete.
Sometimes I just instantly know, and other times it takes me days to decide.
I have also had the feeling a collage was incomplete and still sent it on it's merry way.
What kind of art/craft makes your heart skip a beat?
How do you know when your artwork is complete?
Portable or not.

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