Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's making me...

Lovely felted pumpkin and adorable card from Kristin.
Purchase cards here from the amazing Aplcreations.

I don't want to sound like a broken record but you guys are amazing. Thank you for all of you kind words of support regarding my blog and posting. I also loved reading about how you found me or what it is about my blog that keeps you coming back.

What is making me happy today?
Halloween surprise gift (above) and my bird ATC's
I have never loved a set of ATC's soo much. You guys are so talented.
Thank you Kristin for hosting this inspiring swap>

What is making me stay up past my bedtime?
A History of Violence -If you can handle gore (think aftermath of a gunshot to the face) and if you like suspense you will enjoy this.
Jarhead - Not your usual violence filled war story. Much less violent than the above movie. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal is in it. (Do you really need another reason to watch it besides that?) :)

What is making my stomach growl?
This. I made it too and it is soooo good (and easy)

Until tomorrow.

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