Thursday, September 07, 2006

the best and the worst

Challenge: to create a couture gown- focus to be on the handmade detailing of the dress
Challenge twist: the gown had to fit two models (a Parisian and their original model in New York)

This challenge had our designers still in the City of Lights. They ate, shopped and created in Paris so what could go wrong, apparently quite a bit. Michael lost his Mojo, Laura went flat, Uli did the same thing AGAIN (with better material) and Kayne was Kayne once again. I didn't care for many of the dresses. The designers only had 2 days to create their pieces. Tim Gunn himself said that couture gowns can have a hundred hours of hand detail work. So um yeah, you can guess the couture aspect was minimal. Jeffrey's dress was my favorite. It was very inspired and modern. I think he absolutely deserved to win for this dress. (You have no idea how hard it is for me to type that) and of course... Vincent is out! How does everyone feel about that? Oh wait I already know. All I can say is thank god I do not have to hear about what gets Vincent off ONE MORE TIME! That guy is creepy! Bye bye ya freak!

random thoughts:
What was with the freakish growing belly of Laura in Paris but once back in New York the baby bump was back to normal 3 month size? Did they reshoot scenes or something?

Does anyone kinda wish Keith was still in the running? Yeah he was a pompous ass but damn his designs were interesting and beautifully made.

How funny was Kayne and his moustache, goatee and beret? Love him, even if he is pure vegas!

Prediction final three: Michael, Jeffrey and Laura. Hmm I am having deja vu (Daniel V., Santino and Chloe) If you didn't watch last season they were respectively, the shy one, the bad boy and the chick.

until next week good night

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