Thursday, August 24, 2006

we interrupt this program...

to give my loyal blog readers some HUGE love. You guys! Thanks so much to all of you for your sweet and heartfelt comments about my last post. Reading them throughout the day made a world of difference and of course she did great. Apparently, kindergarten is more fun than Magic Mountain! At least that is what my little girl told me. (For those of you that don't know, Magic Mountain is an amusement park in So CAL.) So thank you from the bottom of my almost mended heart.

Now onto the Project Runway recap because that is the real reason you are here, right? So in keeping with the emotional week I am having, tonight's Project Runway was no exception.

The challenge was to make an outfit for the everyday woman. Seems easy enough right? Wrong. The everyday women were moms and sisters of the designers. The designers each had to pick a "model" and you could not pick your own mother or sister. I have to say that I absolutely hated how they picked playground style for the models. Of course the slimmer women went first and the bigger women were picked last.

So ok all you Jeffrey fans out there, I am gonna say it. I officially hate him. Now I myself am not a big Angela fan but Angela's mom is not Angela. He was so just so hateful and mean to her. I was appalled. I also gained a little respect for Angela for not totaling losing it and going off on him. If anyone EVER talked to my mom that way, I would kick their ass. Talented or not (and tonight his dress showed no signs) I am giving up my seat in the Jeffrey cheering section.

So as far as the designs went this week I only had a few that I even liked. It was a very tough challenge. Much to almost everyone's amazement (including mine) Vincent's was one of the best. I thought the style was very age appropriate and the color and fit was nice. Of course Michaels outfit was the cutest. Don't you want that dress? Although he had an advantage because his model was small. I couldn't understand why everyone hated Kayne's outfit so much. I thought it made Michael's mom look younger and hip. I thought the color looked great on her. Oh well what do I know? I disliked Uli's outfit although the judges loved it. I thought it was ill-fitting and that necklace. Robert's outfit was the worst (so boring again) although his model was probably the biggest. He has had several chances and he could of given a little personality to his outfit. A scarf or something! Laura's outfit looked like something a stewardess would have worn in the 1980's.

Too tired for my random runway thoughts. Please leave one of yours! That show kinda drained me tonight, here's to hoping for a more upbeat show next week. If you haven't done this already come back in a few days and read all the comments people have been leaving about my update. People are really getting into this, I love it.

That's my opinion. What is yours?

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