Monday, September 04, 2006

My Talented Friends - Part Two

Beautiful embroidered needlebook

Amazing collaged box

inside of collaged box with my own embroidery kit and adorable tomato pincushion

When I received this package of amazingly beautiful things in the mail from Kristin last week, I was speechless. These handmade goodies are the result of an art trade Kristin and I did a few months back. The three thing trade. Yes, you have read about this kind of trade on my blog before. It is one of my favorites. I sent Kristin three things and she was to use them to create something and send it back to me. I did the same for her. Well nothing could have prepared me for what she sent. First you must understand that Kristin had never attempted collage before. When we started this project she said she was interested in trying it out. Um did you see the box she made? I would have paid some serious cash for that if I saw it in a store. Then you have to understand her attention to details. In the inside of the box is three tiny pictures of my children (they are stamps). The reason she used those is because those stamps are basically the thing that started our friendship. A swap-bot swap, a thank you and a conversation about those stamps. We have been pals ever since. Talk about a touching detail. Then there is the gorgeous needlebook. The details on the bird almost brought me to tears when I looked at it. Embroidery is Kristin's specialty. I am so glad she decided to use it. I had felt for a while that this trade had been a little unfair. Kristin was taking on a new medium and I was working in my comfort zone. So when I saw this needlebook it settled my soul a little. She was able to do something in her comfort zone too.

She also included my own embroidery starter kit and the cutest damn tomato pincushion you have ever seen. If you would like to see more pics or a better pictorial rundown of our trade go here. Thank you Kristin. You already know how I feel about this package. Lucky for me, I got to talk to you on the phone on Saturday. xoxo

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