Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some serious ugly

Challenge: Create an outfit from recycled material.

This definitely has to be the most challenging task to date. Although I am beginning to despise Laura, (she is clearly the new villain), she always has one clear and concise thing to say on every show. There was a whole lot of ugly in that room. Kayne's dress was the worst, however he was honest with the judges and has shown potential in the past. Allison's dress was definitely ill-fitted and not very innovative. I have to agree with the judges decision to vote Allison's out although I already know some of you will disagree me.

On a brighter note, once again Michael Knight wins the challenge. His outfits are always so well thought out and his construction is impeccable. He just never gets it wrong. By the way do you think KIT had anything to do with his two wins?? :)

Surprisingly there were no rosettes or fleurshauns anywhere to be seen on Angela's dress, she opted for a space suit instead.

Then there is Jeffrey who is just bitter with a capital B. He said Michael's dress was "The equivalent of diabetic food. There is no flavor. " The holier than thou bit is getting a little old Jeffrey. Like Laura said last week, If you are all that Jeffrey, then what are you doing here?
Let's see ya win a challenge bitter boy.

Ok on a final note, a few random things:
Six - The number of F bombs that were dropped on the show tonight.

Three - The number of times Vincent refered to his dress in a sexual way" Ewwwwwwwww!

Too many - the number of times Laura has worn her riding outfit on the show. If you listened closely when they were leaving to find out what their challenge was Allison said to Laura, " It's a good thing you have on your riding outfit in case it's a horse" (challenge) Hilarious!

Zero - The number of remaining weeks I can tolerate Vincent's painful and freakish facial expressions.

That's all I can think of tonight. What do you think???

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