Wednesday, September 13, 2006

back but then gone again

Challenge: to create a cocktail outfit using only black and white
Challenge twist: Angela and Vincent were brought back from auf'dom to participate in this challenge. In order to stay they have to win the challenge.
Three people will be eliminated in this challenge.
Challenge twist #2 - The designers must use ALL of the fabric they purchase.

I really like the concept of tonight's challenge. Since the designers were all using the same color palette cut, design and creativity were very important. I was a little disappointed in the lack of creativity from the designers. I loved Michael and Kayne's dresses. Both very simple. I could appreciate Laura's but it still seemed a little stuffy to me. I can empathize with the exhaustion she must be feeling. The pace and the stress of the competitions would have me crying too. Pregnancy is hard enough without adding those elements. I am sure winning the competition lifted her spirits.

So thank god Angela and Vincent were again sent packing, as it should be. I thinkUli really should have gone before Kayne. I feel Kayne garments do show originality, although sometimes lacking a little in taste. Uli, as we have discussed here, makes the same garment over and over in different fabrics. The sleeves on her dress tonight were awful. I am SOOO very bored with her designs. I thought Jeffrey's outfit was hideous. It looked like an outfit from the window of Charlotte Russe (no offence to the store but nobody ever goes in and buys EVERYTHING the mannequin is wearing) I am glad Heidi told him that he does the same thing over and over. Edge but with no elegance. He too really needs to show another side or I'm sure he will be eliminated. Michael is sure showing all the signs of winning. Michael Kors can't stop gushing about him. Well deserved!

Last but not least, it was interesting the number of voters who wanted Allison back in the challenge huh?

We are only a few weeks away from finding out the winner. Any predictions on who will be out next week?

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