Monday, November 27, 2006

While you all were decking your halls...

I was wrapping presents. Yes, I am just as surprised as you that I even had this many presents to wrap. Although I do love the finished result, wrapping is one of those tasks that I dread. I always wait until the last minute and have 507 present to wrap. Do you guys wrap on the floor? For some reason I do and my back always hurts when I am done. SO although we have no decked halls, we have wrapped presents and that is almost just as good.

I was also spending time with my kids. We had really nice weather here last week and we took advantage of that. My daughter was off school, so we made cookies and did some shopping just her and I. She loves her mommy time and I love to see her growing up into such a sweet girl.

I also had some time to do some artwork. I have finished one collage and started two others. Actually, do you remember this? Well, it is still a work in progress but another collage idea developed because of it. I am trying to work towards a shop update by next week.

Until tomorrow, ciao!

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