Monday, August 07, 2006

vintage button swap

My vintage button partner Joanne spoiled me rotten. She sent many more than the 12 buttons required. Also included in her package: wonderful antique wallpaper and cut origami paper, not to mention a few creations of her own. Thank you so much Joanne. I love it all.
Of course a big thanks to Sally for hosting this swap. Thanks Sally!

I wanted to show you more pictures today but of course blogger is being non compliant once again. Is this why all you professionals switch to typepad? Oh and the fact that you can actually email people back via their comments to your blog.

Anyhow...regarding my last post. A couple of you mentioned you wanted to see finished pics of the onesies, well people don't hold your breath. I commmited the ultimate blogger crime. I forgot to photograph the onesies before I gave them to the mommy to be. They did turn out really cute and I will be making some more because they were really easy. Sorry peeps!

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