Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Angela won???

Challenge - A 3 piece look for the INC line at Macy's

Alrighty then, the shows dismissal wasn't quite as dramatic as the previews made it out to be. You pretty much knew from the start that it was going to be Keith who was kicked off. Although I do think he is talented, I could not stand his arrogance and was happy to see him go. His little speech after he was told to leave confirmed that. These are his words: I felt bad, I think we are all under a lot of stress and we wind up sort of finding a scapegoat sometimes.
Ummm dude? Reality check, you broke the rules. Buh Bye!

So on to the challenge. I found this challenge a little boring but understood why it had to take place. Macy's is sponsoring the mentorship for the winning designer therefore they need some airtime. I thought the judges were spot on in their picks. I have to say I thought Robert's outfit was the worst. Which is surprising because everything he's worked on up until now has been designed well. His dress last week was fabulous. Bonnie's outfit wasn't very stylish but I thought the lines and proportions were better than Robert's. So Bonnie was out. I am ok with that because I never really saw her star shine. I have seen Robert's potential and know it is there. Like Malan, his outfit just didn't translate. So good for him to get a second chance.

Ok now to the win of Angela. What to say? Obviously the girl had to have some kind of talent to get on this show in the first place. I think she was saved by the two of the best designers being on her team, Laura and Michael. Laura wouldn't let Angela get out of control and kept the taste card intact. ( I imagine that is how she deals with her 6 children) Michael just did what he always does, executed a classic, beautiful outfit. So good for you Angela, you are safe another week. Here's to hoping you'll have a another team challenge because that is what saved you. Oh and one more thing, what is up with the rosette obsession? Angela, stop watching reruns of Sex and the City circa 2002.

Yeah you could say I'm kinda getting into this show but remember this is just my opinion. What's yours?????

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