Thursday, June 15, 2006

opting out

very sparkly vintage buttons
I am officially opting out of color week. It is stressing me out trying to find a pic or a subject of the right color and I know that is not what color week is about soo I'm out. I am enjoying other peoples pic. Kristin has some great out of the ordinary photos.
I want to take a minute and thank everyone for their kind words about my artwork. It is a little scary to put your artwork in a forum where people can comment about it. (or not comment which is probably worse)
For the few of you that read my blog I just want to thank you for your kind words and comments about my art. It means the world to me. {hug}
What is everyone working on? Up next for me will be a project that has been put on the back burner and needs some attention. I also just cleaned up my studio that was turned upside down while working on my fairy tale atc's. I collected a basket full of paper scraps and that is really inspiring me right now. What is inspiring you?

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