Friday, May 26, 2006

flashback friday -corsage

ok two things happened to bring you the serendipity that is this post. The first is this...I have for some time been interested in doing a theme day like self-portrait tuesday ( it is tuesday right?) and corners of my home on thursday, five senses friday you get the idea. well upon reading this blog I found something I really liked...flashback friday. so i am borrowing the idea and hoping the originator will take it as a compliment.

the second piece is the other day I was looking in the dictionary. (don't laugh, proper spelling is important to me) I came upon the word corsage and I remembered something I thought you all would find funny.

It was 1987. The picture here is of me and my first real boyfriend, one that drives and you actually go on dates with, he takes you to school dances etc. Well lucky for me his grandmother liked to make corsages. NO, not really lucky at all. Reason being she made them ridiculously HUGE. Please check out how it almost covers my whole forearm. I remember being sooo embarrassed but couldn't really say anything. This picture was our Winter Formal. My prom corsage was even bigger but by that time I had realized what a jerk my boyfriend was and had gotten really skinny. So much so that I don't want to show the photo here. Well, I am happy to report that at the next year's Winter formal I was back to my healthy self with a new boyfriend, a much smaller corsage and much bigger hair. Hey it was the 80's after all! By the way, my new boyfriend was a delivery boy for a florist. Hmmm...

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