Thursday, June 08, 2006

My apologies to ellia

I received the most outstanding package from ellia a few days ago. I took countless pictures of her darling packaging and adorable labels. Blogger has been, how do i say this nicely? Somewhat difficult as of late. I had repeatedly tried to post the many pictures and was not getting anywhere except errorland. I have given up and chosen to show my wonderful things in two pictures. The above is just some of the the stuff sweet ellia sent me. Things made of paper. Ellia and I share a love (an obsession?) with paper and let me tell you she has quite a stash. I was lucky enough to receive some prime vintage goodies. She even sent fun goodies to my little girl. So thoughtful!

Please excuse the horrid pic but look what else she sent. An apron!!! I wrote to ellia that I had been wanting an apron so badly since they are all the rage in this bloggy, crafty world of ours. I cannot sew (well) so I had resigned myself to buying one at anthropologie and faking it. Now I don't have to. Thank you ellia for your kindness, generousity and your great eye. We love everything!

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