Saturday, May 06, 2006

one last hoorah!

ok you know it is time to stop celebrating your b-day when people at work start asking you when you will be taking the decorations down from your desk. This is it I promise. I just have to give props to Kristin. I talk about Kristen quite a bit here. She is my cyber buddy. I met her doing a swap-bot swap. (ok so something good has happened at swap-bot) She emailed me to tell me she liked what I had sent. Something about her email made me smile so I wrote her back and we've been friends ever since. This cyber friendship thing was new and a little strange to us both at first, but after a couple of emails we decided this was a good thing.

So on my birthday she sent the above goodies. A super cute pouch from her favorite etsy shop, keyka lou , a great book called all mixed up (it's like paper dolls collage style), some really cute buttons and some yummy chocolate turtles. Which my daughter and I just sampled today because I have been wanting to take a picture. holy good chocolate batman!

Thanks again friend, I'll talk to you soon.

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