Thursday, May 04, 2006


So it is May 4th and use what you have month is officially over. I am here to report how I did.
Drumroll please............... I did extremely well until April 20th. That is when I bought the above stamp set.
I couldn't help myself, it was calling my name. Then it was my birthday and it went downhill from there, I went to an antique shop. Cash for birthday = hard not to shop. I can say this about my attempt at using what I have, I honestly did very well. Each purchase I made was thought about and mulled over. I questioned whether this was an impulse buy or could I really use it for something. I now know that if I truly want to succeed in a challenge like this I cannot enter, even one foot, into my favorite stores or antique shops. So ultimately, I am very proud of myself. I will continue to try to use what I have because I have so much.
That's all the confessing I want to do for now. We don't need to talk about the 4 pairs of shoes I bought at Nordstrom's rack on Tuesday :)

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