Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Challenge: Modernize the Look of a Fashion Icon
Challenge Twist: The models got to pick which designer they wanted to work with and which icon the designer made the modern outfit for.

There are so many things I could have called this post: Read below and pick your favorite:

Playing the new villan is...- since Keith is gone someone has to fill his evil, arrogant shoes. The only question is will it be Jeffery or Laura? Gotta love a little PR catfight :) For the record, I would bet money that Angela did screw up that machine.

Welcome aboard Captain Save a 'Ho- So all the Michael fans were right, it was finally his time to shine. It was so refreshing to actually see into Michael's world on this episode. To watch his process, hear his thoughts along the way and to see the final product. Very exciting! Although, I am sure glad I am not the one that has to wear the hot pants. I also can't believe he remade the outfit and still won. Wow!

Did Gramma steal Robert's fashion Mojo?- Did Robert hear his icon's name wrong? It's Jackie O Robert, not Jackie Old. Did he just get lucky in the first few challenges? These last two outfit have seriously got me thinking he may need to go home soon too. I mean YIKES! Can anyone out there help me understand why he didn't use the Tiffany blue fabric he originally bought???

Angela's rosettes get a new name - Last week and the week before they were called rosettes but now they are fleurshauns? HUH? By the way, please forgive me if that really is indeed a word, as I have no idea how to spell it. Anyone want to place a wager that the rosettes, I mean fleurshauns will once again make it onto the outfit next week? What will they be called next time? Flowerette de used too mucho?

Space Cadet goes home- Sorry to say, but I am glad to see Bradley go home. He is always so scattered, it really was only a matter of time. I think he was a little out of his league, or maybe on another planet.

A few random thoughts:

* I thought Heidi's runway dress was sooo cute.

* I had to rewind my Tivo 3 time before I believed that Michael really did say Captain Save A 'HO

* Is it me or do Kayne's teeth blind you while you watch?

That my 2 cents worth. What's yours???

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