Saturday, June 17, 2006

mission accomplished

This is the project I spoke of that has been on the back burner for a while. I did a three things trade with a friend I met at art and soul in February. The challenge is to send each other three things from your stash. After receiving your three things you are then to make something out of them and send it back. I also recently did this with Kristin.

The three things Laurie sent me were the fabric (her dress), the crown and some lace trim. I used that for the corsage on her wrist. It is funny because I have known what I was going to do for so long the collage took me less than an hour to piece all together.
(That never happens)
I had finished the background on the canvas quite some time ago but was not sure what I would place on it until today. I had found the vintage paper doll in May and I knew I wanted to make the fabric her dress and use the crown. I also knew I wanted her to be wearing a belt and in adding that I had my accent color. Added the red tickets, and low behold what do I find in my newly organized scrap basket, a fragile sticker that came on the piece of art I bought from Lisa. Serendipity.

Meet Miss World!

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